What is Hosted PBX???

Hosted PBXs are cloud based PBX systems which can be accessed through internet. Unlike traditional PBX systems, Hosted PBX does not require any in-house setup and maintenance, instead PBX systems are built and managed by Hosted PBX service provider in their cloud environment. What we need is just a subscription of any Hosted PBX service provider. Hosted PBX are also referred as Cloud PBX.

How does Hosted PBX works???

To understand Hosted PBX, in very simple terms, you can imagine for a while that your working and full featured PBX system is not installed in your own premises but instead, it is installed on a remote location maintained by third party. And you can access this PBX server through the link provided by that third party. You are not going to handle any hardware, software, training and maintenance of that PBX system, your Hosted PBX service provider will take care of it all.

Looks interesting??? Yes…and it is economical too. Your PBX is not installed in your premises that means you will not need any VoIP expert to maintain and operate your PBX server, and of course you won’t need any hardware for PBX server.

The only things you need are IP phones and Internet connection.

Features and Benefits of Hosted PBX

For a small or medium sized businesses, Hosted PBX can provide tons of benefits over traditional in-house PBX setup. Hosted PBX service providers offer almost all features of traditional PBX systems. Some benefits of using Hosted or Cloud PBXs are:

  • Much less expensive than a traditional on-site system.
  • No technical knowledge required in maintaining the server.
  • No hardware requirements for PBX.
  • Can be installed and used within few hours.
  • Flexibility to add or remove numbers of extensions and features.
  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Minimized calling bills.