What is FoIP (Fax over IP)?

FoIP or Fax over IP is a technique of sending and receiving faxes by utilizing a VoIP network. FoIP is sometimes also known as virtual fax or IP Faxing. With the evolution in information and communication technology in recent years, it is now possible to send faxes from fax machine to fax machine, fax machine to email, or vice versa via FoIP.

How FoIP works???

In FoIP based faxing process, the faxes are transferred in data packets from sender to receiver. In this process, the fax is first converted and packetized as an image. The data packets of the fax are now sent from sending point to receiving point through transport protocol T38. FoIP requires a T38-capable VoIP gateway and a T38-capable fax machine or software to work successfully.

Features and Benefits of FoIP

  • It works on existing VoIP network, and hence reduces the operational cost.
  • FoIP works with image files that can be easily archived, sorted or even emailed to other recipients.
  • With the introduction to FoIP, fax facility can be utilized in remote areas too.
  • FoIP services are easy to use and customize.
  • FoIP is capable to send faxes directly to email.