Outbound Calls

Outbound Call is a term generally used in call centers which refers to the outgoing calls done by an agent for promotional, marketing or business activities.

For example, the call made by your telephone service provider’s executive to explain you the new plans and offers launched by company. For you this call was just an incoming call, but the company’s call center will refer it as an outbound call.

Call centers generally use PBX or PRI systems to make outbound calls. Outbound call can be a fresh call or can also be a follow up call made to the customer who already expressed his interest in earlier calls.

Outbound calls can be used to achieve business goals likes sales, leads generation, fund raising, telemarketing, customer support etc and many more.

Major Uses of Outbound Calls

Call centers can utilize outbound calling in many ways. In modern business practices, outbound calling plays an essential part in business growth. Some major functionalities of outbound calls are as follows:

Selling and Cross-Selling

Outbound calls are often made by call centers to sell their products or services. By outbound calling, they generate revenue by converting interested clients into business and cross-sell their products/services to existing customers. This is an effective way to expand their market and reach their target audience directly.

Market Research and Surveys

Apart form direct selling, market research and analysis is also an important part of business. Call centers utilize outbound calling to reach targeted audience and collect data from them in form of surveys or questions. This data can be further useful in product improvement, new launches and sales targeting etc.

Leads Generation

Outsourcing units often make outbound calls to generate leads for third parties. They sell these leads to other companies or can be utilized by themselves.

Promotions and Advertisements

Outbound calls are effective way of promotion. Reaching directly to the potential customers and let them know about company’s products/services is a good idea of promoting business.